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Why book travel as a group instead of as individuals?

·         Better prices, Better amenities

·         Fewer headaches


What is a group leader?

·         They are a pied piper.  They must be excited and interested in the trip

·         They select or help select a trip then help promote it

·         They would normally travel with the group if possible

·         They are not responsible for the trip


Benefits to having a group supported by our travel agency:

·         Minimum paperwork

o   The group leader will be provided all paperwork necessary to keep

up with sales, travelers, itinerary details, etc.

·         Compensation to person(s), clubs or organizations of choice

·         Custom group flyers provided

·         No group deposit payment required to set up the group

·         We can hold special meetings to sell the trip

·         Our agency handles all monies and bookings

·         Our agency handles the paperwork & entry for any information requested from the vendor

·         We can hold special meetings to distribute travel documents

·         Tailor made community presentations provided by agency and/or vendor

·         Group amenities examples such as:

o   Cocktail parties, extra spending money, free or reduced transfers, wine, private transportation

·         Custom or private tours can be arranged as included or optional

·         Our agency always give additional ‘Thank You’ travel gifts either before, during or after travel depending upon the situation.


Our team is available to support you before and during travel.

Jim Cunningham & Cindy Andrade